Recently it was the 10th anniversary of an album we all feel is one of the best sounding records produced in Australia over the last decade. To celebrate this occasion, the team wishes to announce that for the first time since Karnivool’s ‘Sound Awake’ & Dead Letter Circus’ ‘The Warning’ & ‘Catalyst Fire’, Acolyte have managed to bring the very same production team together with a little twist! 

Superstar Engineer & Producer in his own right, PRASHEEN NARAN - Mixer.Producer.Engineer flew back to Melbourne from the UK to work through this titanic record with us at both Oaklands Productions & Sing Sing Recording Studios. We were also lucky enough to have Luke Cincotta (Figures & Airbourne) come in and engineer/produce a track for us. It goes without saying the record will be mixed by someone we have wanted to work with for a very long time, Mr Forrester Savell

We were passionate about bringing this team together for this particular record as it features equally a balance of our darkest, most epic & most delicate work to date. Though we were able to learn a great deal from these amazing/iconic Australian bands & the way they worked in the studio through the experience of this incredible team, we very much brought our own ideas & visions to the table. We used the lessons learnt to create & execute what we think is an extremely special & unexpected album 2. 

To our fans, we are very much still here. Expect almost anything. We might be taking our time but that’s because we aren’t interested in moving backwards, only forwards with our career and with the boundaries of our craft. We love & miss you all & cannot wait to share this titanic record & journey we have been on with you!