Acolyte is...

Morgan-Leigh Brown - Vocals   ///   David Van Pelt - Keyboards   ///   Ben Cameron - Guitars
Jason Grondman - Bass   ///   Chris Cameron - Drums

Hailing from Melbourne, Acolyte stand alone in the Australian music
scene as a powerful and exploratory blend of classic and modern progressive rock.

To experience an Acolyte live performance is to embark on a mesmerising journey through theatrical melodies, crushing riffs, cavernous soundscapes,soaring leads and exemplary technical musicianship. Following the 2016 release of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Shades of Black’ (Best Heavy Album nomination: Victoria Music Awards 2016,Best Live Performance shortlist: Oz Independent Music Awards 2016), Acolyte has become a staple on the Australian live scene - headlining their own national tours as well as supporting Prog-Metal legends 12 Foot Ninja on their national ‘Outlier’ tour, home town kings Jericco at their final show in Melbourne and more recently Voyager, Leprous and a host of others on the main stage at Melbourne’s PROGFEST.

The band is currently poised to release their sophomore album in 2019.


"Acolyte show real adventure, taking the fans across so many different feels & textures it makes ones head spin." 

"This is a band searching for transcendence and they seem to be finding it.
They are developing some real dramatics in their sound and live show,and it is taking them to another level." 

"There are not many artists that you can compare their new sound to.
Acolyte are finding their feet and are creating a launchpad fortrue worldwide success." 



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2016 Australian Independent Music Awards: Nomination for 'Best Live Performance'.

2016 The Age Victorian Music Awards: Nomination for 'Best Heavy Album'.


"The crowd was put under a mesmerising spell by Acolyte led by Morgan-Leigh Brown who delivered a set so powerful and atmospheric that I went straight out and hunted down their music… seriously if you have never seen this band live then you simply must check them out." - DAVE GRIFFITHS, HEAVY MUSIC MAG

"This band is now an absolute mainstay of the Melbourne and Australian rock scene." - ROD WHITFIELD, THE MUSIC

"This band is... just about ready to explode. In fact, they sound and perform like they are now in need of stadiums to play in." - ROD WHITFIELD, THE MUSIC

"Acolyte has managed to completely blow my mind with a release that is close to flawless." – MARTIN MICHEL, AMNPLIFY

"(This) prog-rock quintet is impressive and it's easy to see why there is a buzz around them." – MAXINE GATT, THE MUSIC

"The band have an enormous sound… providing great depth, atmosphere and a subtle symphonic feel… In fact, the entire band possesses a fabulous stage presence, all five of them appear to be having a great time, and the interaction and interplay between them was a joy to behold." ROD WHITFIELD, HEAVY MUSIC MAG

"Acolyte are a one of a kind band, and their energy on stage was epic. I was truly blown away… the next big thing in the magical world of prog…"  MATT BARTOLO, ROGUE INC. 

"This certainly stands out… as one of the most intriguing listens I’ve found since doing the show. This is a very rare release and it is so well done. Memorable. All of it."  ANDREW BROWN, THE HARD ROCK SHOW C31

“Acolyte are coming and will provide a whole new avenue to the current rock scene to eagerly awaiting punters. They are set to make a name for themselves, undoubtedly a band on the rise.”SYN FM

“Merging memorable rock riffs with the theatrics rivalling notorious rooted prog acts, this band creates another world on stage in a live setting. Acolyte is carving out their own corner and it’s not going unnoticed.”BANDSHIRT ALAN

Acolyte are a powerful and captivating live band delivering high energy performances each time featuring amazing vocals sitting on top of a tight rhythm section and intricate guitar parts. One of my favourite live acts right now.”BROKENSCAR SOUND

“I’ve gotta say having seen the teaser and heard a few tracks online, this is gonna be one band I’m looking forward to working with. If you’ve trusted my two bobs worth in the past, then give these guys a like and get yourselves ready.”CHOWIE

“Such a massive sounding alternative band. Always keeping the listener listening and the show goer watching. Big things expected from Acolyte!”BLACK HELMET PROMOTIONS

“Amazing up and coming Melbourne band, with vocals to die for and talent that blows your mind.”LAURA (SYN FM HOST)



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