"I knew quite early on that I wanted to tell stories through song."              - Morgan-Leigh

Morgan-Leigh Brown was born to be a performer. Joining the National Girl's Choir at the age of 7, by the age of 15 she was called upon to perform the National Anthem (acapella) and 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' at a sold out stadium event in Melbourne. After a brief foray into the realm of Musical Theatre, Morgan-Leigh discovered her passion for performance and the arts, and she became involved in regular workshops and mini-productions with the Melbourne Theatre Company. 

Her devotion to performance, love of the arts and acceptance of a variety of artistic expressions led Morgan-Leigh to explore other artistic avenues. When approached to collaborate with founding Acolyte members Jason Grondman and Frank Perna she built on a existing interest in thick, heavy soundscapes and music with aggressive undertones. 

"The way stories could be told with such pain, aggression, subtlety, melody, angst, torture, torment, tension... I loved it all!" - Morgan-Leigh

Moulding her classical vocal approach into a contemporary rock aesthetic, Morgan-Leigh has worked hard to retain all of her skills to create a vast palette of options to draw from during performance. Inspired by the likes of Maynard Keenan, Ian Kenny, Tracy Chapman, Linda Perry and Sierra Boggess she has continued to develop her own style, culminating in her refined and indispensable contribution to Acolyte's debut release 'Shades of Black'

Past Affiliation: Ground Zero (former)

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Favorite Song: Cote (Karnivool), Drapery Falls (Opeth) & The Raven that Refused to Sing (Steven Wilson)
Favorite Drink on Tour: Red wine or Coffee!
Favourite Bands / Artists: A Perfect Circle, Tool, Tracy Chapman, Pink Floyd, Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect, Opeth, London Grammar, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Eva Cassidy, Anthony Warlow, Jodi Benson, Steven Wilson
Favorite Genres/Styles to Play: Classical, prog rock, blues, soul, jazz
Favorite Tour Meal: What ever I can get! Coffee!
Cannot Go On Tour Without: My feathers & baggy long sleeve tees
Favorite Live Moment: The very first time a packed room sang my words back to me... That is the most important/special moment... It still hits me right in the feels. Also when the 800+ capacity crowd caught me after jumping into them at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne.